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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday-Ooooops!!!

It has been more than two years since Tea Cup Tuesday began, and I have never missed a post!
But last night, I totally blanked!
I am away on a trip to visit my new grandson and was so tired out I missed it! I am so sorry!
You all must be wondering where I am!

Here I am (she waves her hand high in the air!)
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!!! Yay!!! 
Thank you Martha for your e-mail and shocking me back to reality!

Isn't this a sweet cup? It is new to me, I found it on my last trip to see my grandson. 

I just thought this cup was so very lovely!
The coloring is unique and the flowers a different mix than I normally see.

The plate is so colorful and lively!

Such a sweet cup and a joy in the hand.
There is a sweet bunch of flowers on the inside as well. 
Sorry they are blurry!

This adorable cup was made by Tuscan China, Stoke on Trent in England. The gold numbers are the pattern number, and if I could get a hold of a pattern list by them I would be able to look up the name.

Thank you so much for waiting for me to show up!
I  am so glad you are here and if you want to join in just sign in with linky tools below.
Hugs to you All!


Suz said...

So, so pretty, Terri. I think forgetting once is fabulous! I wish I would forget that rarely. I got two cups for my birthday but we are out of town (actually at Mayo Clinic for Jud). So I will have to wait until next week to show my new beauties...truly rare ones!

I adore your cup. Simply elegant!!!


Holly Moore said...

Hooray! I was about to email you wondering about Tea Cup Tuesday. :) I have been out of the blogging routing for about 3 months now and took my cup photos today. So I was looking at your previous posts to see if TCT was on hiatus for Christmas Sundays... Anyhow, it gave me some time to watch your new tree video. Love it btw. Already bought my trees earlier today. Michaels had the 21 pack for half price. I just couldn't wait to see your vid. Love it, easy as pie. Off to post and link up. Hugs Terri!
Yours, H

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Terri,
Your new tea cup is fabulous! Beautiful colours on a beautiful motif.
I'm glad your delay didn't have a serious cause but I was already missing your post...
Thanks for your nice tea.

Holly Moore said...

p.s. Your cup is lovely and you're right, "lively." Such beautiful colors, it would be perfect to lighten up a dreary day.

And, no worries about the post. Also glad to hear you are well.

Marjanne said...

yes missed your pos, but when you visit your grandson you can forget about blogpot!I hope you had a nice stay! beauiful cup

Cynthia said...

The new grandbaby is the very best reason for missing the post, Terri! Congratulations to your family.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Such a pretty teacup, Terri! Love the colour and shape of it. Enjoy your visit.


Barbara F. said...

Congratulations on your new grandson! Your tea cups are always lovely and unique. Happy Holidays! xo

Snap said...

I think you can be excused! Enjoy your time with your grandson and maybe you'll find another beautiful cup like this one on your trip! Gorgeous! Happy Tea Day!

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Life happens! No surprise with a holiday weekend and all. A lovely teacup anyway...and it's still Tuesday!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: Love your tea cup today. When my Grandchildren are here, I forget everything. Lots of love, Martha

Catherine said...

It is a very pretty cup and saucer!

Good heavens... Never missed a post for tea cup Tuesday... That is 104 different cups and saucers!!! WOW! I wouldn't be able to house all of them. Though I would like to.

Sweet Pea said...

Terri just love all the beautiful cups you acquire! I know I have a beautiful Royal Albert stored away safely somewhere...just can't find it. So this week's link is about one serendipity experience. Thanks again for hosting.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Hi there! I just posted the final giveaway Celebrating Fishtail Cottage’s One Year Anniversary gifts!!! Wanted to invite you back over to enter this and any other giveaways’ you missed! http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com/2011/11/fishtail-cottage-giveaway-19a-pinch-of.html

Victoria said...

Oh my..that is very sweet and charming! It must be so fun for you..to pick out cups each time you have tea! Your guest must love it too! Do you ever find anyone requesting a certain cup alot..just wondering what is poopular with your tea guests!
Have a happy joyful day!

karen hess jewelry said...

It was worth the wait, dear Terri! I'm so grateful for the fine china education I'm receiving from you and Martha. I really look forward to it every week!

Holly M said...

absolutely worth the wait! so very lovely. Holly M.

Dorthe said...

Terri ,being with our grandkids, permit us to forget almost all, but them :)
Enjoy, and have fun with your family.
Your cup, is very lovely.

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Your new cup and saucer are beautiful, Terri. For some reason, the floral motif used on this gorgeous cup and saucer looks so familiar but I have never seen this cup and saucer before. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

Zaa said...

HA HA Terri...

You're allowed a teacup break every once in awhile...Sweet cup ...with those darling little imprints... and I always think that a floral bouquet inside the cup is a bonus when sipping tea... ENJOY your sweet little gransdson..It's a precious time... HUgs

Marianne C. said...

What a lovely cup/saucer, Terri. I did wonder what happened to you. You're visiting your new grandson, so I can imagine that time has stood still, and when you're with him it's like nothing else exists.

Glad to see you, though, and to see your pretty floral tea cup.

Enjoy your grand baby,

Charlotte said...

I like that saying, "Better late than never." And it is so true...especially in this case:) I know how easy it is to forget when in the company of a grandchild. They can keep you pretty busy...and distracted with their cuteness.

Your teacups is very beautiful! I agree that the flowers and pattern are unusual and uniquely lovely.


Werna Gail said...

Congradulations on the new grandson
But this beautiful cup was worth the wait. It has been forever since I linked up for T.T. and I could almost qualify this week as I did a post on the pincushions that I make out of teacups. Have a BLESSED and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Ya! Terri - I'm glad I wasn't the only one who "blanked!" I'm rushing out the door to work and remembered I hadn't posted my Tuesday tea on your site - you didn't have it up with I posted the others. Glad we've caught up - now - if only I ca\ould catch up on all my blog reading!!! Sweet cup - so cheery!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely blog site, Terri! I'm so impressed with all the beautiful things you have added here. I will visit often. So glad to sign up for Tea Cup Tuesday! Take care and have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Your forgiven Terri no-one on this planet can say they would not have done the same given the fact that a new baby needs to have some lovin Hugs Vee xx

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely teacup - beautiful colors and pattern. Hope you are having a wonderful visit with your new grandson.

debi said...

What a beautiful, cheerful cup! I love the colors.

Creative Grammie said...

Yes indeed Terri, this is a beautiful cup and saucer!
How fun you must have visiting with your grandson. I think grandchildren bring so much joy into our lives.
Well, have a very Merry Christmas, stay warm...

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