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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gail Forrest and her whimsical Sentimetals

Hello All!
I am so lucky to have a really fun antique area by my home. I enjoy poking around the shops there, as it is so easy to get to and I can stop in when ever I have a chance.
I always find treasure there!

What I was not expecting to find was friendship. But I did! There are several shop owners there who I have become friends with. They are amazing women. Brave, creative and funny and oh so talented!
I am sharing about one of these lovely women today.
Gail Forrest owns Vignette in Raleigh, NC. A sweet little shop full of all kinds of goodies.


The first time I was in her shop I noticed these whimsical assemblages. Turns out, Gail loves to create art. FAB art! She has kindly allowed me to photograph some of her pieces and share them with you!

Here is some of her art described in Gail's own words:

Miss Needlove
She has her own Night Light : With arms wide open, this Gal indicates she wants to be loved but the zippers around her may suggest she is not as open as she thinks she is!... On her back of her is a button that reads, "I love you".

 Two more girls.....

"Strong & Styling Angel"
Who says angel can't stand watch stylishly or wear lipstick for that matter? Her peaceful countenance may derive from the fact that the clock she is standing upon has no hands, suggesting no deadlines, no hurried appointments to keep!

"Angel of Helpless Creatures"
This gal enjoys the sweet company of feathered friends and is prepared to spoil them as she carries the bag of treats wherever she goes!

" Mrs. Masher"
Do not mess with the masher! Made of a vintage potato masher, armed with a sheriff badge, anchored with a lock on a block of grate and cement, wearing a Statue of Liberty for a head ornament...

you get to decide what statement she is making!

"Madame Elegance"
Nicely bejeweled on neck and up -do, Madame E's aloofness keeps her a bit caged in.

A key dangles beneath her solitary perch!

"Little Mr. Erudite"
hopefully inspires us to make a temporary escape into another realm through a good book!

A pair of little birdies are looking on in wonderment.

Gail certainly knows how to express herself artistically.
Her imagination is fascinating and wonderful to see in form!
Thank you Gail for allowing me to share your marvelous creativity!

I am saving a few more to share later on. 
Thank you all for stopping by, I appreciate your visit. 


suziqu's thread works said...

Gail's whimsical sentimentals are so very creative.
How lucky are you Terri to have all of these little antique shops so close to your home!
Wishing you Easter Blessings!

Unknown said...

oh my these are so beautiful and very unique i have never seen the like before love the cages...i need one..lol!!....
Sending easter good wishes your way.never see anything tlike these precious creations..wonderful over here in the uk but i suppose i dont go out much..xx hugs sassyxx

Theresa said...

I just love Gail's "Little Mr. Erudite" How nice to live by such a fun place & even better find friendship! Wishing you a happy Easter I have been taking a break from the art blog, but almost ready to paint & post again after spring break, but I had the chance to make some table decor & shared on the other site!I hope your Easter is wonderful!! xo Theresa

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I got to meet Gail AND see her wonderful assembled art girlies! They are so fun and full of personality galore! How fun that you featured Gail on your blog....she'll be a HIT all over the world now!

I still think she should send them into Stampington!!!!

Unknown said...

I am a true lover and collector of the "odd and unusual"! Love all of her creations...thanx for sharing. Visit me sometimes over at my blog palace. Tiffany

ooglebloops said...

Her creations are wonder-full!

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Terri você é amável em compartilhar estas obras de arte de Gail com a gente!

grande abraço!

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh my-these are such unique and beautiful creations!!! I especially love the angel with the treat bag-that is so me! Thank you Terri for sharing Gail with us and thnks to gail for sharing her art and stories-what a gem!

Debbie said...

Very, very cool and creative stuff here! I love how she finds new purpose for items that she cleverly uses with each piece of artwork.

Jaluza Scrap said...

Grande abraço do Brasil

Lucille said...

Gail is so creative! I have never, ever seen anything like this! Amazing does not even describe it. Frankly, Terry, I would have a hard time picking one! What artistry! Thank you so much for sharing these beauties. This woman's talent is outstanding!

Marjanne said...

thank you for sharing this vry particular art!!I love it!

Createology said...

Those pieces are lovely assemblage art. How nice of her to share and allow you to post photos. Blissfully creative.
Easter blessing Terri...

Anonymous said...

Well, "Little Mr. Erudite" captured my heart! Just the fellow to keep this literacy enrichment artist inspired! What whimsey! Quite the outside-the-box thinker is our Gail! Thanks for sharing her - is she blogging?
Joyous Resurrection Weekend, dear lady!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: Love these little ladies. Wanted to wish you a wonderful Easter dear friend. Hugs, Martha

Lorraine said...

These are so cute and creative!! I hope to get back to Raleigh some day, I have family there...perhaps I'll pop in! :)

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