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Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning to Draw and a New Class

 (half way done...I think....)

I am enjoying learning to draw in Misty Mawn's amazing class Face to Face. 
This drawing above...(just as I went to take the picture,
I dropped my book and crumpled the page! lol!)
 I am working on her chin, it curves under and with her head tilted just a bit up,
I have to learn to shade to show the shape. 
There is much work yet to be done on her.
I have to tweak her nose over a bit I think, as her mouth is not quite lined up! 
Shading and placement!
That is what I am working on.  

This lady here is in process too...
And like many of my drawings, she has no hair! lol!
I find hair very hard. But I figure, once I understand the face more, 
I will be able to focus on hair. 
I have many drawings of bald ladies! lol!

I must say...the art I see participants doing in Misty's class is totally awesome! 
Misty herself is just such a special soul!  They all inspire me!


What has been taking up most of my time though has been
video taping my new class at Creative Workshops.
It opens April 15th. 
I am excited about it!

Inspiration goodies!

In this class we create jewelry for your soul! 
Artful, affirming, helpful, and inspirational!
We learn to make our own focal pieces easily and
inexpensively with  this simple soldering technique.
I chose a Mother Mary Image as this necklace is about nurturing.
You can use your own artwork or any other images that speak to your theme and heart.

I am in process today of creating another one
with a completely different image and theme.
Next post or two and I will share it with you as well.
Wish me creative luck : )

Hugs and Happy Friday!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Terri you are so multi-talented!

You know, you could always make Soulful Necklaces in the beading pattern on a true Rosary, too - one of the two prayers is the Hail Mary....so I believe it would be appropriate. Not sure, but would be awesome - it already kinda LOOKS like one, you know?

Have a fabulous weekend!


Lucille said...

I found myself admiring your art work. I find sketching such a difficult thing to do. As for your jewelry pieces, they are so beautiful and unique. You should make a rosary. Those beads would make such a beautiful and unusual rosary along with an image of Mary like the one you have and a lovely Cross.

relevanttealeaf said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your drawings - hair or not! Your jewelry is lovely too. How talented you are!
~ Phyllis

Anonymous said...

You are SO brave to draw faces....truly one of the hardest things to do! I SO admire your talents, Terri. It seems that you are capturing these faces beautifully...great shadows and highlights, too.
Misty will be happy with your pieces ~ are you taking them to the class?
So THIS is what you've been up to, girlfriend! :)

Marjanne said...

WOW!! you're so gifted! and I love the jewels too! As for my post: the card was for celebrating the 40th anniversery of my parents living in the village Apeldoorn. it is quite far from Paris, 5 hours drive...

Unknown said...

Those necklaces are SO pretty! I wanted to take a class from Misty when she comes here in April that sounds pretty similar. Unfortunately it had already filled up, so maybe next time ;( You have a wonderful start!

Unknown said...

What amazing drawings (sketches) I love them (bald or not) :) and the necklaces are very pretty & indeed soulful. Dxx

Createology said...

Oh how I admire your drawings. This is something I cannot even attempt. Your Soulful Necklace is stunning! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Anonymous said...

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your drawing is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
debi said...

There you go stretching your wings again, you uber talented lady. And Terri, your necklaces are stunning!! You are such an amazing artist. Hugs, Debi

Micupoftea said...

Doesn't look like you need any creative luck! Enjoy the process. HAPPY March~

Junibears said...

I love your drawings, they're wonderful! And your necklaces are so pretty! xx

Lady Jane said...

I agree, you would make lovely roasaries. I love the Pics you are using for the Blessed Mother. You are so very talented. Your faces are fantastic.

sharon said...

I am so excited about your class, you are such a gentle and wonderful teacher! Everything you make you shows your passion, your gentleness, your compassion. Your necklaces are so gorgeous Terri, and your drawings are so beautiful, so real, they have so much character. You inspire me!

Linda Kunsman said...

Your face sketches are wonderful already Terri! Love the idea of Soulful Necklaces-yours is gorgeous!!

Linda M. said...

Hi Terri, I like your faces. I've been taking some classes with Jodi Ohl, Let's Face It and I took a drawing class with Elizabeth Johnson. I would love to take more classes for drawing and your new class. Thanks for your inspiration! Hugs, Linda

Holly M said...

Terri, I am so excited about your new class. The thought of soldering intimidates the heck out of me, but also intrigues me. Can't wait to learn more about the class! Holly M.

Christine LeFever said...

You never cease to amaze me. Your drawings are beautiful and so are your soulful works of art. I am, as ever, inspired and overjoyed to see what you share with anyone who comes your way. Yay Terri!!!

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

Beautiful sketches Terri. It's always good to stretch yourself and learn from others. Love the necklaces too! Best of luck with all your new endeavors. xxoo Loribeth

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

You are very talented! Love your sketch and the jewelry is wonderful too! What a nice outlet taking classes like that!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Terri,

Your drawings are wonderful and enjoyed seeing your work.
You are so very talented and love the jewellery too.

Happy weekend

Bibiana Martinez-Ziegler said...

OMG this is specially wonderful...I follow all your tea cup collectoions it is so nice..
Thanks for sharing.
Bibiana, DTM for Memory Box
Please visit My recently launched Personal Blog: http://stampingwithbibiana.blogspot.com/

Edith DUTERTRE said...

je trouve que le croquis est bien
et tous ces bijoux superbes
on attend la suite !
et si vous mettiez un chapeau
sur la tête de cette jolie dame !
c' est très difficile de faire un
bon dimanche
edith (iris)

Victoria said...

Oh wowness Terri..your sketches are super gorgeous..your shading is sublime..stunning works..you are mega-talented! Beautiful!!!
and Love your new course....congrats.. the Mary creations are divine and sacred and feels very special! yay! Shine on!! Thanks for such a magical post..your art is totally beautiful..powerful!
Happy Creating!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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K J D said...

Wonderful sketches..... and beautiful jewellery too. So pretty :)

Karen x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your necklaces are gorgeous,dear Terri and I'm really impressed with your drawings.You are such a talent.Have a wonderful week.

earthen-magic said...

...greetings and merry meet! ~ has been a long while between catch ups! ~ awesome ~ magical ~ mysterious emanations ~ appearing on the white canvas! ~ thankyoU for this magnificent post! ~ blessed be! ~ keep on creating! ~ your inner muse is astounding!...(o:

Dorthe said...

Hi Terri, I`m home again after wonderful dayes with my daughter and her family,- trying to catch up, I found your beautiful drawings, how lovely your ladies are,-and the necklaces oh they are gorgeous dear Terri, it will be some wonderful classes.
Hope your day is happy!

Anonymous said...

I love your work!!!!!
I had no idea you could draw, Terri....that just makes me love you all the more. Keep it up...and you'll get to the hair eventually...I d"hair" say it's one of my favourite things to draw on a face!

Ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

CatieAn said...

your artwork is very good--you are doing do well in the class. I have always been drawn to faces and love to get lost in bringing out the life in them. your shadowing and highlighting are great!! Keep it up.
Oh the jewelry is so aptly named---being an old catholic girl--they really do speak to my soul.

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