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Monday, February 10, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Romantic Tea Cups

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday once again!

Valentine's Day is almost here, 
And I began to pull out some of my most
romantic tea cups today.

How about the tea cup above?
She is sweetly romantic with her bounty of flowers.
Pink seems to be a Valentine favorite,
(can you guess her maker?....)

A rose adds to this cute tea cups romantic charm.
She too is a sweetly romantic cup. 
Have an idea of this cups creator?

Romance isn't only expressed in pink....
How about a simple white tea cup, 
Pink roses...and eyelet trim?
Well, o.k. some pink!

This cups maker is unknown to me...
I know it's name, but not anything about it.

Put lace near any tea cup and it looks romantic! lol!
Hint: This is one of my all time favorite china companies.

Lovely gold filigree always looks romantic to me.
Not sweetly Romantic, but more classy. 
Do you recognize this cups maker? 

This style really lays on the layers.
She is lusciously romantic!
The deeper the colors,
and the more gold trim
seems to do the trick.
Guessing her maker may be a real challenge.

Old Country Roses must get many votes for most romantic china pattern.
It's traditional beauty really steals the show!
Many of you can guess this beauties manufacturer.

For some reason, 
I feel this is the most romantic tea cup I own.
Are you surprised?
I am! lol!
It isn't expensive, Pink or particularly well made,
and the paint is chippy....
Maybe it is the bohemian feel?
It looks like it was made in Europe,
a long while ago,
Maybe it has seen many travels?
Maybe it was owned by a woman in LOVE?
Anyways, it wins my vote for 
Most Romantic Cup this Valentine's Day.

February is a month for LOVE
I am sending out Hugs of LOVE to each of you today : )

 p.s.   Cup # 1 E.B. Foley  Cup #2  Shelley   Cup #3  HR Hallmark Japan  Cup #4 Rosina  Cup #5 Nippon Hand Painted  Cup #6  Meander BV   Cup #7 Royal Albert   Cup #8 No name

Want to join in the tea cup fun? 
Just link your tea cup post below and then Martha and I 
can come and visit you : )


Bernideen said...

Wow - it's hard to pick which I like best. Even my husband who was standing here was quite impressed! Beautiful!

Tea in Texas said...

I love your guessing game about who made the different cups and saucers! I think you should do this more often for it was so much fun. I knew the Shelley for it is so identifiable. Thanks for hosting this great party. Hope you have a lovely 14th!


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh wow Terri these are so gorgeous with all the pink roses and especially the gold filigree. I love those two especially!
I can't imagine how many beautiful cups you have in your home!!!!!
Hugs from her,

Snap said...

That was fun! The only I got right was the Royal Albert. Roses and flowers for Valentine's Day ... some bling and lace - perfect! Happy Tea Day!

relevanttealeaf said...

Your teacups are beautiful, Terri. It was fun trying to guess the manufacturer. Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Phyllis

JoAnne said...

They are all lovely Terri! I agree that Old Country Roses is the most romantic...beautiful pattern. Sending love back to you.

Clara said...

Wow Terri! You have the most beautiful collection of teacups I've ever seen. I knew the Shelley and they seem to be my favorite. The Bohemian style does have a very romantic feel to it and it is lovely.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Beautiful display of romantic teacups, Terri. It's difficult to choose a favourite and I enjoyed your guessing game. Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day!



Beautiful all of them, I am NOT going to pick any...so gorgeous!
Thank you for the lovely tea party. Enjoy your week.

Sylvia said...

Pretty floral teacups, makes me long for spring when all the flowers start to bloom.

Beth said...

My very favorite is cup #6, but #1 is a close second. I like #4 as well. Beautiful teacups, Terri! Happy Valentine's Day!

Martha's Favorites said...

Dear Terri: You have shared some of the most beautiful cups today. It is impossible to pick a favorite. Love them all. Sending lots of hugs your way. Martha

Linda Kunsman said...

I know so little about tea cups I couldn't have guessed any of them lol! They are each gorgeous and I have to say the first pink one is my absolute favorite! If winter ever ends and the snow ever stops I want to get out and hunt for some cups myself:)

Karen said...

Hi Terri,
I think the first is my favourite and now I must check it's name. You have so many gorgeous and romantic teacups! I love them all. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind comments and thank you also for hosting Tea Cup Tuesday with Martha! Happy Valentine's Day! Karen

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Terri. Beautiful! Hard to choose which to have for tea. Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for hosting!

sophie said...

magnifiques tasses avec des fleurs !
belle semaine !

highheeledlife said...

These are all real beauties and romantic - perfect for Valentine's tea (and any time)..Thank you for hosting and wishing you a fabulous week..Hugs and Blessings, C. (HHL)

Elaine said...

What a beautiful selection of teacups, all so beautiful in their own ways. Of course the chintz cup presses all the right buttons for me! Hope you are keeping warm and cosy! Elaine x

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Happy Tuesday Terri. You certainly have an amazing collection of tea cups. I would have a difficult time picking a favorite. They are all very unique and little treasures on their own. Thanks for hosting and have a great Valentine's...



Christine LeFever said...

Each one is breathtakingly beautiful!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Beautiful teacups! Hard to pick a favorite, but I do really like #1. thanks for sharing.

loudowning54 said...

Your beautiful teacups make me want to switch from coffee to tea!! Beautiful !!

loudowning54 said...

Your beautiful teacups make me want to switch from coffee to tea!! Beautiful !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! Now, I was surprised with you most romantic pick. You had me guessing pink and roses all the way. It is an interesting cup, to be sure - and I love you ruminating about the stories behind them - and their original owners. There's a novel in that to be sure.

xinex said...

Pink roses look so romantic on teacups. Your teacups are all so pretty....Christine

The Charm of Home said...

Terri these are some very romantic teacups! So pretty! Your photos are dreamy! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh, my word your pictures are incredible, Terri! WOW! So beautiful!!

Thanks for hosting. Hugs.

Cindy said...

Hi Terri,
What lovely tea cups, I can only be sure of the Shelley tea cup. Thank you for hosting, I'm awed by your love of tea cups and find joy in viewing them as you account for each of them. Funny I call them she's also, and each jewellery piece I have made lately has a story to be told. Lovely

Createology said...

I have no idea of any named makers as I merely love each cup and saucer for its beauty and purpose of allowing us to enjoy sipping tea. Your collection is extensive and beautiful. Happy Hearts Valentine's Hugs Dear...

sharon said...

all so beautiful, but the last is my favorite too! The color of course, and the big cabbage type roses are perfect! Big hugs my friend!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

They are all romantic to me Terri. Such a lovely collection!
enJOY a Happy Valentine's Day,

Victoria said...

Wow, what an exquisite collection of tea cups and imagery...beautiful tribute to love..these are all definately romantic and magical! Loved the egg with writing on it in the cup...Beautiful..

Tea in the Library said...

That last tea cup is romantic. Very Gilded Age. I can image the Countess Ellen Olenska sipping from this cup.

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy Valentines Day Terri! I hope you have some chocolates coming your way. Nothing is better than tea in a gorgeous cup and chocolates. Thanks for sharing the cute cups.

Tea in the Library said...

I am swooning here - soooo many beautiful teacups and tablescapes!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Terri,
that was a funny quiz about wonderful tea cups. I couldn't guess all, but the Meander and the Royal Albert. Your loveliest tea cup is really sweet. I think you are right, it looks like a very old one. Beautifully made and kept over long time. A real treasure. Thank you for sharing and hosting this wonderful tea time.
Happy Valentines Day.

Micupoftea said...

Hello Terri! Happy Valentine's Day. Love your post and teacups. You always have such elegant photos. Thx for hosting :)

Micupoftea said...

SO romantic, lovely cups! Happy Valentine's Day!

K J D said...

They are all gorgeous and beautifully romantic - my favourite is the simplicity of the second one. So fresh and pretty.

Happy (early) Valentines Day to you :)

Karen x

Unknown said...

Preciosa porcelana Terri¡¡¡ me encanta tu blog¡¡¡ gracias por comentar en el mio besos

Art and Sand said...

Every teacup is lovely, but #2 is my favorite.

Lady Linda said...

They are all so pretty and just lovely Terri. I can't pick either. Thanks for sharing your lovelies.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Marjanne said...

These cups are so lovely. .. adorables! I had the most wonderful valentines day this year. And you?

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Wow! what a beautiful collection! So dainty and oh so gorgeous...how lovingly you captured their delicate beauty! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us:)Hugs, Poppy

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