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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tea Cup Tuesday-Stormy Day brings Calls for Chintz!

Hello All!
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
It has been snowy and rainy since last week. 
We are expecting more of each soon!

All this topsy turvy weather turns my mind to Chintz!

It is the cheeriest tea cup style I know : )
(It was very dark and heavy all day)

Tea time is all the more important during these changeable conditions.

Lately, I have been indulging in a simple but delicious "tea"...
One of my own concoctions.
In fact I am enjoying a cup of it right now...
up in my art room over the garage.

Terri's Fresh Ginger "Tea"
 To one good size mug or large tea cup add:

about an inch to half an inch of freshly chopped ginger,
hot water from a recently boiled kettle...
(fill 3/4 full)
bite size apple bits
and honey

Let steep about 5 minutes.
No need to remove the ginger, it just floats to the bottom.
I do not eat them, but you sure could.
The flavor is rich and deep 
and the apples soak in the tea,
they become warm, soft and extra delicious!
No, it is not traditional tea, but it is an adventure : 0

Liquid Sunshine!

This lovely old chintz was manufactured by Rosina,
one of my favorite china companies from
Longton, Stoke on Trent, England...sometime after 1952.

How is your week going?
Crazy weather out your way?
Many of us need it to rain very much, 
and some of us need it to stop raining.

Do you have an unusual drink for your tea cups?

I am also sharing tea with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage today,
where she has a delicious chocolate fudge cake!

Thank you all for visiting! 
Last week was a blast!



Beth in NEPA said...

Chintz is so pretty. No wonder it is so popular. I actually don't even own any though. And when I get it in my shop it sells immediately!
Our weather continues wintry but that is ok. Lots to do in the house where it is cozy and warm.


Beautiful chintz teacup and yes, very cheery for a cold and snowy day! Thank you so much for the lovely tea party, makes me feel like having some tea right now!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love chintz and your teacup really is a beauty! I agree, chintz always brightens your tea time because it is so pretty and brings to mind the thoughts of summertime. Ginger and apple tea sounds perfect. My son always uses fresh ginger to make a concoction whenever he feels a cold coming on. It is really tasty. Thank you for sharing your sweet teacup and your tea recipe. Stay warm and snug.


Bernideen said...

That cup and saucer is really lovely. I have a couple Rosina ones and yours is exceptional!

Linda Kunsman said...

yes Terri-crazy weather here in PA too- and a perfect day to celebrate the Spring flowers painted on our teacups! Love your chintz patterned cup and here's to a hot cuppa on a cold winter day :)

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Terri,
Yes chintz patterns are one of my favourites too. I have just a few pieces!
That fresh ginger, apple and honey tea sounds right up my alley! So good for you dear friend!
We are drinking our own apple peelings tea at the moment - so very good for your health!
Warm hugs on a snowy and rainy day to you!

Snap said...

I really like your Rosina chintz teacup. It really makes us think Spring! Raining here today and I won't complain -- we were dropping back into drought. It's the cold wind I don't like. Stay warm with your delicious sounding ginger tea! Happy Tea Day!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: Love the Chintz. They are in a league of their own. Have a good week. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Martha

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Terri,
thank you for the recipe of your liquid sunshine. I love to drink fresh chopped ginger with hot water against the cold. It makes warm and a good mood. But the idea to add apple bits and honey is nice. I will try that next time. Your Chintz tea cup is so springy. I am craving for spring. Here the weather is mild, no sunshine, no storm, no snow. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea break and for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Love your chintz teacup! My sister just gave me two chintz teacups she found at a garage sale! I will have to try your tea!
Thanks for hosting!

highheeledlife said...

Terri your teacup was a breath of spring and the warmer temps that are just around the corner - I'm so ready to say good bye to the tres cold temps! Thank you for hosting... hugs C.

highheeledlife said...

Terri your teacup was a breath of spring and the warmer temps that are just around the corner - I'm so ready to say good bye to the tres cold temps! Thank you for hosting... hugs C.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hello Terri, thanks for the party! So tired of winter, but your sunshine filled post was a bright spot in my day. Your lovely teacup reminds me of my grandmother's snack set that I am lucky enough to now call my own. While it is not chintz, it is covered with sweet yellow daisies. Maybe I should bring it out to brighten up a winter in NJ afternoon.
hugs and JOY,

Karen said...

Hi Terri,
It is very cold in B.C. today. A perfect day to stay inside with a cup of tea. I love your Rosina Chintz teacup today. The pastel colours are so soft and dainty. Very pretty. Thank you for hosting with Martha today. Have a wonderful week! Karen

Deborah Montgomery said...

Your chintz tea cup is lovely. Ginger is so warming, a good idea for cold, wet days. Here in Michigan it is 16F, with more snow expected.
Can't remember a winter with so much snow and consistently freezing temps. Tea is a good idea!


Hi Terri, I'm back! Thank you for having me at your lovely tea party again!

The Charm of Home said...

That is a beautiful teacup Terri! I love chintz. My Dad used to have Sassafras tea. We would take the wood chips and steep it in a pan of boiling water. It was pretty good. Your ginger tea sounds delicious!

Bluefinch said...

Beautiful! I am going to try that delicious tea!

Pondside said...

Here on the west coast we are in need of some rain. The mountains have a much-reduced snow pack and that spells serious water restriction by early summer. It seems that it rains a lot here, but not enough of the rain soaks into the earth because this island is really just a big rock!
I'm so glad to have visited your blog today, to see your beautiful teacup and read the recipe for a lovely-sounding tea.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Chintz certainly is delightful! Your Ginger tea sounds delicious. Great way to warm up a dreary day. Snow on the ground, but sunny here today. Happy to be joining!

Sweet Pea said...

Hi Terri, your recipe sounds wonderful and I will be trying it out as our new season apples begin to appear at the farmers' markets. Your chintz tea cup is a great way to welcome in an early spring...one can only hope!

KathyB. said...

We seem to be thinking along the same lines ( or teacups ) as I have a Rosina teacup in my pile of pink teacups. It is the only Rosina I own, but I can sure see the appeal, especially in the teacup you displayed.

KathyB. said...

We seem to be thinking along the same lines ( or teacups ) as I have a Rosina teacup in my pile of pink teacups. It is the only Rosina I own, but I can sure see the appeal, especially in the teacup you displayed.

Tea in the Library said...

I like to drink plain ole hot water - sometimes a slice of lemon! Is that unusual?

Jann said...

A cheery, beautiful teacup! I will have to try that tea!

sharon said...

Your tea sounds great, you are always filled with wonderful ideas, and that teacup is glorious! Bad weather up this way too, I am tired of it already! Hugs to you, will talk soon.

Linda said...

does anyone have a simple pattern to sew a tea cozy ( cover for tea pots) or a simple knit/ crochet pattern? Our ladies is going to have a tea and we are going to need them and we will also be using them as prizes. Thanks duenmike@comcast.net

Createology said...

Your tea sounds like the perfect elixir for all the snowy frigid storms across the country. We are finally having rain and a dusting of snow. Lovely Chintz is always so cheery. Joyful Tea Dear...

Aida said...

Thank you Terri and Martha, for this wonderful tea party. Your ginger and apple concoction is so refreshing. Nothing is more perfect for winter than a warm sip of ginger tea. Good for sore throat and cold. Hope the snow will ease sooner than later.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



Frieda Oxenham said...

I think I've said this before but I just want to say it again. I love the teacups, and the tea sounds delectable but I'm most taken by the beautiful way you take the photographs. They are truly exquisite!

Victoria said...

Super charming Terri....such gorgeous chintz..the colors so uplifting and full of Spring and Summer..and your photos are a poetic- feast always!
Yummy..I have fresh ginger tea almost daily..but your recipe sounds so delightful and inspiring..the bits of apple sound divine..!Ginger is one of my faves..so I will have to try your version sometime soon ! Thanks kindred!

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