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Monday, May 27, 2013

Annie Sloan Paints-My First Experience

 Hello All,
I do not normally post twice in one evening!
But I had promised to share about the Annie Sloan paints,
and how my table and chairs are coming along. 

When I decided to create this fanciful outdoor tea area for myself,
I had visions of old painted chairs all around a lace covered table.
So off I went to locate some old chairs cheap...like 10 bucks.
On the way to reaching my goal for an outdoor tea area,

Once I had the chairs I needed to alter them to look like the ones in my vision.

I ran across the option of using Annie Sloan chalk paints
at a charming little antique shop near me called Two Old Birds.
But I thought they were too expensive.

I was sure I could make my own chalk paint,
and I checked out many recipes and tutorials on line.

Then I saw a few posts about Annie Sloan's paints.
I was so impressed with the bloggers experiences,
I decided to go for it.
I figured one way or another I was
saving money and time using such a reliable product from the start.
 And I was assured by many posts that the paints covered so well,
you actually needed less paint. 

Since I was nervous painting furniture with pricey paint I started with something
I wasn't afraid to practice on...like my plain kitchen stool.

All I did was give it a little roughing up with some medium fine grit sand paper to take the sheen off.

Then I gave it two coats of A.S. Louise Blue chalk paint.
It went on smoothly....and it stuck well to the well varnished surface.
The brush strokes were quite noticeable but I was o.k. with that at this point.
The coloring is lovely, and so is the feel of the chalk paint.

The paint dries quickly, so one needs to work fast.
Eventually I learned to not leave the can open,
so the paint does not dry out as quickly.
Also, I added a few drops of water when
the paint seemed to be too thick. 

Next coat was Old White. I actually did two coats.
 And I realized that each coat took less and less paint.
I was amazed at how little paint it did take.

The last step was to reveal some of the blue underpainting,
by sanding lightly areas that would normally show wear...
like the stools edge, the corners of the legs and the middle top of the rungs.

I found the chalk paint easy to work with, it dries beautifully,
and a very light sanding produces a silky smooth surface.
Even though my paintbrush left large bristle marks, it looks fab.
I can see the marks, but somehow it suits this piece.

I am wanting to do some kind of transfer or painting on the top of this stool.
Soon....   : )

Next, I will show my first finished chair! 

Once I had done my kitchen stool, I felt like I could move on to one of my new chairs.
Not much to look at, but good bones.
 I found her broken, cheap and lonely at Goodwill.
All I could see were the possibilities.

The first thing I did was clean it up,

My dear hubby did the hard work of sanding it,
and he even took it apart and made sure
all the joints were tight and secure.
Thank you sweetie!

I later learned that with Annie Sloan paints you do not need to sand at all!
I was glad to skip this part on the others chairs I did.
They still look really good, even without sanding.

 Here she is with her first coat of white A.S. chalk paint,
and you can see I have just begun with the Louis Blue along the front and one side.
I do love her details!
(and I loved her in old white! but I was so curious to try the blue...)

She got two coats of Louis Blue chalk paint.

To finish her off I gave her a good rub down with the soft wax that Annie has developed.
I had to choose between clear and dark wax...
I decided on clear as I thought the dark would not be cheery enough.
It was easy to rub on with a soft cloth and then buff out with a new clean soft cloth.
The wax really is luscious, and works beautifully.
The color intensified slightly as it was waxed, then dried a tad lighter.
The end result, just a little darker than non waxed Louis Blue

A close up of the front.
The paint surface feels silky smooth.
It has a heavenly look to it,
 (it looks much more blue in this image than in 3D)

Here there is only a little distressing, I did more later on  before I waxed her.

Ta da!
Doesn't she look pretty with her floral print on?

She is ready for our first garden tea!

I was totally delighted with Annie's product.
No wonder, as the woman has been an paint alchemist for many many years!
Annie Sloan Unfolded  is the name of her online site for the United States, as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Next post I will share the next  two chairs and some more preparations.
It is good to have a project!

Thank you for stopping by!
Hugs to you all!


KathyB. said...

Thank-you for the tutorial. I am bookmarking it to use on a few projects I have waiting. I am going to locate some Annie Sloan chalk paint and begin next week !

Betty Stapleton said...

Hi Terri, enjoyed your showing of the Annie Sloan paints. Last summer I did four different pieces. Made my own chalk paint first because it is about two hours away to buy it. Then I did do the big drive and bought some. I love it, have a soft green for my other colour, would like a pink. Been thinking about looking into selling it as it is so far to buy it. But then hubby came home the other day and another auctioneers wife is selling it now. So that should be lot easier to get. Oh yeh and hubby has been having a little heart attack at every piece I've been painting. Now it's not such a bad idea that others are doing it-go figure.
The chairs you did are so charming.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

You did a FABULOUS job with your projects, Terri!

WEll done, indeed!

I have never posted any of my AS painted projects, will have to do that one of these days.


earthen-magic said...

...way awesomeness!...(O:

johala said...

This painting is a success! Your chair is more beautiful like this, very cute!
Hugs and kisses

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Terri
All of your wonderful efforts have come to fruition! Your results using the chalk paint are fantastic. I can hardly wait to see them in with your wonderful table setting. So much fun!
It's my thing too!

J'adore the stack of cups and saucers in your last post too.
Sending heaps of warm hugs to you,

OceanFoam said...

Dear Terri,
I can't wait to see your outdoor tea. I love how the chair with the pretty rosy floral turned out. Can't wait to be inspired!
Ruthie from Lady B's

sharon said...

Wow Terri! You are right, you can't go wrong with a quality product and your results are gorgeous! I adore that blue and your distress work is so fitting....I just love what you are doing, the tea party is going to be magical!

relevanttealeaf said...

Your garden chair turned out beautiful, Terri. I can hardly wait to see your outdoor tea space.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! Looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Marilyn said...

Both are great looking pieces! And I do love that blue.♥♫

Sylvia said...

Very pretty I love the blue paint!

Lucille said...

Hi Terry! Your chair turned out beautifully. I have heard only good things about this product and I have seen many make overs using it. I love the fabric you have chosen!

Robin Sanchez said...

Your chairs are beautiful. I love the way you used blue underneath the white. I too was apprehensive about spending money on this paint so I tried one of those recipes going around - 2/3 paint 1/3 baking soda. It worked fine except needs a good sanding since it leaves a grit behind. I have been doing some research on chalk paint since as doesn't have the exact color I want which is also why I tried the homemade mixture. I came across another brand while on vacation at a little antique store called Maison Blanche that is equally as nice AS paint. They have more color choices and the exact blue I want so Im going to give it a try....as soon as I get the nerve to paint my hutch. The girl also showed me how to use regular brushes from the hardware store and that you can add water to thin the product a little for your first coat.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Your chair and stool are lovely - and did you know there is a cheap - 'scuse me, inexpensive way to make the chalk paint. You can use unsanded grout - mixed with a little water and added to your regular paint (you can google make your own chalk paint) and the cost is almost nothing if you use leftover paints - you can even tint it yourself using the little Ceramcoat paints from the craft store - a little goes a long ways for tinting.

Now you can paint everything in your house - at bargain prices. I think they said the unsanded grout was 9.99 for a bag - and you only use 2 T per cup of paint - a great deal in my world.

karen hess jewelry said...

Oh sweet Terri, I've been following your progress and it's simply amazing!! ASCP is sooo much fun and easy to use. It's magic! Your taste is impeccable and your Tea Party will be at the top of "swoon worthy!" I only wish I could be there to join you! Have a beautiful, creative week my dear friend.

Acorn to Oak said...

Wonderful transformations! Looks like you had a lot of fun with those projects. Have a wonderful week!

Dorthe said...

Thankyou dear Terri,for showing the whole process. I don`t think we cat buy Annie Sloan here in Denmark- but I can see how beautiful it looks when used on your chair, and stool!
A wonderful work you did, and a big one too...even you can skip the sanding which is alwayes hard to come over !!
I love the finished chair- how awsome --,the colours and your distressing is fantastic, and you chose the fabric with the roses :-) I love that one. It is the most beautiful and real lovely country living garden party chair ,now!
I am so loving what you did, and so sure the rest will be looking equal wonderful, my dear friend!
Thankyou for inspirering me, Terri.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Anonymous said...

I'd never hear of Annie Sloan before but now you have peeked my interest! The chair came out just gorgeous, Terri! I expect it will be a fine addition to your tea garden....along with the other delights you will be serving up!
You are always an inspiration!

Linda Kunsman said...

Wow Terri - I simply LOVE how you transformed your Goodwill chair into such a pretty garden chair!!! Those paints look fantastic. thanks so much for sharing the process.

Kathy said...

Love it! I haven't painted with Annie Sloan paint in a while - I too love it and your blue chair is GORGEOUS! Love the paint color and the fabric - beautifully done,

Createology said...

Heavenly...blue chairs and floral fabric...I am swooning. Your painting is delicious. Blissful dear...

Anonymous said...

Wow Terri, I love that the new "clothes" for the chair. Absolutely beautiful!

The Junque Seeker said...

Both your pieces turned out beautifully! I've had a can of AS Chalk paint for over a year and have yet to use it. You've inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing this!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your chair and stool look divine with the chalk paint! I adore that shade of blue...one of my favorites!
Definitely Heavenly Blue!!!
Thank you for sharing..
My sister just painted her seven year old daughter's bedroom with chalk paint a mauve and violet color which has a vintage French look to it. Maybe she will post a comment here as I told her about you using Annie Sloan's chalk paint, which is what she also used on her daughter's bedroom walls.
Teresa in California

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I LOVE the chairs! What a gorgeous shade of blue and that fabric is just too pretty!

BECKY said...

Gorgeous paint colors! And fabulous painting and workmanship! (work-woman-ship??!!)
Hi Terri! I rec'd your lovely card and tea bag. Thank you SO much for thinking of me. Yours was the only "New Home" card that I rec'd. I hope to write back sometime soon....hope!


The chair is gorgeous, love the details and how you did it. I love this fabulous paint tutorial, I must try something for my bedroom, I'm thinking of a lot of white like this! Thank you so much for your generous comments about my dinner tables and pretty much everything else, sweet lady...coming from you, I feel in the clouds!
Big hugs,

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh so pretty! I love that Louis Blue color.

athA said...

You made very pretty chairs:-)

Zaa said...

Hey Terri...

I love that Louis Blue color that you've chosen..it reminds me a periwinkle blue that I love so much...OMG , what a beautiful remodeling job...You must be fairly proud of yourself( ha ha)....Hugs

Jann said...


Victoria said...

Gorgeous Terri! You did a fantastic job..so enchanting and charming, and of course such a beautiful color!It is so fun to transform furniture isn't it!..pure magic!!

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