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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea Tents, Painted Chairs and Tea Cups

Hello All
Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!

Happy Memorial Day as well,
As this is still Monday night for me. 
It has been a lovely day. 

For me, having tea is a affirmation of life.
It is easy to pop open a can and drink something sweet.
But having tea is much more than satisfying thirst. 
It is being willing to satisfy a deeper need.

A need to pause...
To breathe....
To savor...
and to contemplate...
To have tea, one must stop and prepare. 

Choose your tea, choose your cup,
Set up your tray....
Maybe even find a peaceful spot and a good book. 

These things just come naturally when you think of "having tea".
And for me, a welcome  and grounding experience every day. 


I have heard from many of you that
you too are fixing up an area out doors for tea!
We would all love to see what you are doing to prepare. 

I am enjoying the many preparations getting ready for My Garden Tea.
The best spot in the yard has been picked,
A basic tent/canopy found...cheap...

The pale pink chair in the first image, I just finished today
: )
The basket of linens, "lace" drapes and old tablecloths
are part of my grand tent plans....
just wait! 

The idea is that I can set up my tea tent with my daughter
at a moments notice
and have tea outdoors in a romantic setting.
The tent must be easy, the chairs and table lightweight,
the china easily found and carried out. 
(I have a plan for this too)
I want it to be easy to do,
not a chore...
and for it to take a few minutes. 
And be cheap!
Think I can do it? 
: )

  You will find out....
 June 25th

 If you would like to join in My Garden Tea, a one time blog event,
just have your tea outdoors in an area you have prepared,
before our My Garden Tea blog hop on June 25th
and link your post about it here.
You can share your preparations too,
like me, in earlier T. T. parties. 

Even if you are not participating in My Garden Tea that
Tuesday the 25th of June,
you can still share your normal tea cup post with us.
We don't want to miss anyone at all
 : )

I am posting another post right away, I hope this is not confusing.
But I promised I would share about Annie Sloan paints.



Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I hope to join your outdoor tea.

I love your newly painted cane chair- it's great and that lovely teacup looks happily situated right on it!

earthen-magic said...

...i big kindred smile with thee!...(O:

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I have so much going on right now, Terri, but I will try to join you on the 25th. Your Garden Party sounds like it's going to be dreamy. Love the chair and all the lace. It's fun to plan a tea party, I know. Hope your week is lovely in every way.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I love your preparations - the chair is delightful. I don't even have a tea blog to share this week - wish I did, I love doing them.

I bought some small wooden birdhouses and I am going to paint them to use in the centerpiece for my outdoor tea party - tonight I will put the base colors on - I'm thinking mint, yellow and light lavender. I'm thinking of using my Desert Rose tea set for the dishes that day - I might change my mind, maybe many times before then. It is fun planning.

KathyB. said...

I have already marked this party on my calendar and plan to participate. I am actually excited about it !

The painted chair , WOW !

Betty Stapleton said...

so excited for the tea on the 25th, not sure what I can come up with, but looking forward to what everyone else does.

Siseñora said...

Unfortunatelly, I am living in Madrid and I don't have a garden to set my tea tent.

But at least, I can enter this marvellous blog and enjoy yours!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Looking forward to your outdoor tea! Our weather is finally warming up and hoping to have more garden tea's here. Thanks for hosting this weeks party'

Acorn to Oak said...

Having a special area in the yard for tea and lots of pretty things to decorate it and enjoy at a moments notice sounds wonderful. Your pictures, tea cups, lace, etc. are so pretty. Great photos.

Snap said...

Lovely post, Terri. So nice to have an outdoor tea. By June, it will be too hot here! I'll have tea indoors! Happy Tea Day!

Flora said...

Dear Terri, how much progress you have made toward your garden tea.
I feel that the inspiration of these days makes you alive and active as ever. You are able to transmit a large positivity :-)
I'm looking forward to June 25th (I wonder if I will participate, in one way or another ...)
Lovely hugs dear,

Christine LeFever said...

Terri, You are reincarnated English Lady who truly enjoyed her tea, and she did not want the maids to set it up it for her.

I love your beautiful paint jobs on the chair and the stool. I don't know if you're aware that were you to use the dark wax, you HAVE to first use the clear wax. I learned this from one who teaches the Annie Sloan techniques. We bought some of Annie's books too that show all sorts of fun ideas, and one is to be able to see the brush strokes for the added dimension.


Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Teri,
the upcoming party in the garden will be a gorgeous event. I love your preparations. The painted chair is beautiful. Thank you fo sharing your beautiful china and the nice ideas for the garden party. And for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna


Can't wait for tea at the 25th! I will make mine in the condo's garden and pool, lol..
Thank you for the great tea party!

Dorthe said...

I love your words about having tea, dear Terri, so right for me,too- tea is to relax and find some moment of piece !
I am so exitied to see how you will make that tent- it will be the sweetest little summer retreat for tea and cosy chats- maybe even a glass of wine, in the early evening :-) I can`t wait to see what you have in mind,dear!
It will be the most lovely tent made from your lace pieces !!
Hugs and happy tea tuesday- I will go have my evening cup now !!!
Dorthe xoxo

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I'm running late for linking this week but am really impressed with the AS paints as I read of your experiences. The blue chair turned out fabulous.
I hope to join the outdoor tea party as I have a structure by the pond hubby built for me we call the tea house and it's perfect for my afternoon cuppa. :-)

Veronica Roth said...

Hi Terri, I'm so excited to see your preparations for the garden tea and I can't wait to be a part of it myself. Also, I completely agree with your thoughts about making tea and stopping for a while to enjoy the process and the cup. Having said that, yesterday was such a day of multiple frustrations that I think I went thru 17 big mugs of tea just to calm down!!! Lol, some days are like that. Big hugs to you and I hope you have a lovely week. :)

Felicity W said...

Must be fun preparing for the tea garden party.

Nice tea cups by the way.

Victoria said...

Hi Terri..hope it's ok to download your gardentea button in case i get a chance to join and play!Yay sounds wonderful!beautiful post!

Marjanne said...

I think you are right, drinking a cup in of tea in a nice cup is so much more satisfying...

Lan yone said...

I love your tea garden !!! Every thing you guys arranged in a specific way.Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful tea garden where I could get many appliances of tea sets.

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