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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Art and Soul with Misty Mawn

Meet Misty Mawn...

She is a very talented artist, and even more wonderful a soul.
I am in her fabulous Face to Face class online. 
I was blessed with taking class with her last month in Virginia Beach
at Art and Soul.

 This was my second Art and Soul retreat in Virginia Beach

Here is a pic of my hotel room and the table I set up to work on. 
It was lovely to have a quiet space to work in.

See the art Misty is beginning in the pic below?
It was facinating to watch her paint.
This painting she is working on in the image below
turned out just stunning!
At this early stage you can already see the woman emerging from the paint.

 Misty is a wonderful teacher.
She is kind, down to earth and magical.

I took her classes and the unfinished results are below...
Now remember...
I am just learning this,
and I can't believe I am showing you my art!
as I look at it now...
well, I can see how much better I would like to do!

The participants in my new Soulful Adornments jewelry class are being
very brave showing their new bezels and art work...
So I am trying to be as brave!

We did some projects with gesso and pastels...
lots of fun!

Isn't she wonky???

This is the second project I worked on.

She is only half finished, I still have blending to do on her face...
hair, and other areas to tend to. 
She has a bee hive type hair do...don't know why.
Still in progress. I was learning how to mix flesh tones, 
But only came out with shades of army green lol!
(You can see that I bring my own china, tea pot and tea cups, to the hotel.
Yes I do! It is a pleasure for me I never miss when traveling.)


This lady is inspired by one of Misty's paintings.
Hers is totally amazing!
It was our last project.
I am learning to mix skin tones and getting better,
not nearly as off in this one,
I have much more blending to do to even out her coloring.
she is just started and need much more work.

Being new at drawing and painting,
I am learning to be patient with myself.
I see what I want to do in my minds eye,
but then when I paint or draw
I must find the beauty in what I can do at the moment.
Whether I am happy or unhappy with my results
I am still having an amazing time trying : )

I enjoyed walking the beach twice. 
The weather was a bit chilly but some sun,
I was very appreciative of that as last year the 
weather was not as nice.

And I picked up some really cool shells....
a bit of coral and some stones....
love it all!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me talk about my experience.

I hope you are all well and are having a creative weekend.


Ms. said...

Lovely lovely learning///and such a nice place to do it.

Createology said...

Such a beautiful photo of you and Misty. It is hard to believe that you are new to this painting as your art looks so wonderful. Each one has such character and personality. Sounds like a wonderful time at Art and Soul. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts Dear...

sharon said...

I am so amazed by seeing and hearing your experience firsthand! By showing your gorgeous photos it's like we are there with you! I think you are growing with your art tremendously, and your faces are really lovely and beautiful, they are yours Terri, and you are becoming comfortable with that. Your color is becoming amazing! You are an artist!Hugs! Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo gorgeous!! WOW!!!

The Junque Seeker said...

Your paintings are really wonderful, especially for a beginner. I love your quiet little "retreat" at the hotel and your beach finds, also.

earthen-magic said...

...way awesomeness! ~ biggest smiles with thee!...(O:

Marjanne said...

Oh Terri!!! this is sooo beautiful, you are getting better ad better! I love your work.... you had a nice inspiration time at the seaside. The sea makes me allways feel coming home

Edith DUTERTRE said...

moi est ma passion des coquillages
je vous envie
car moi , je ne peux plus marcher
dans le sable
vos exquises sont réussies
c' est très difficile de faire
un visage ,et de marquer
l' expression
bon dimanche
edith (iris)

Unknown said...

You are doing a fantastic job you wouldn't think you are just learning, That is my fav pastime walking on the beach and picking shells, looks absolutely stunning there.
Chris x


I love your work! you are putting so much love into your paintings. Misty is a wonderful teacher. I had the pleasure of taking her 2008 Art & Soul class here in Virginia Beach. I live a stone's throw away so it was doable. Misty is becoming a classic and a treasure in the mixed media art community!

Barbara F. said...

Terri, I love this idea of an art retreat, so goooddd for the soul!!! Your work is fabulous, cannot believe you are just starting to learn. I loved the Rosary beads you made that I saw on Pinterest, too. So beautiful. xo

Marrianna said...

Terri - your faces are wonderful! And taking the risk of showing them to us is to be applauded. Being a photographer and collector of all things, I loved the picture of the seashells you collected. Beautiful photo. Back to your faces: Keep up the great work. You are really doing great. Oh, and thank you for showing your working space in your hotel room. What a treat. I have never been to Virginia Beach but this looked like a place to visit. I live in the high desert of Arizona and beaches are a long drive. Our manmade lakes don't cut it. Anyway, I'm so glad I am a follower of your blog so I can enjoy your work.

Linda Kunsman said...

thank you for so openly sharing your experience and your class art projects Terri. I think they are wonderful. I always hear how anything esp. blending and portrait painting takes practice,practice,practice! That was a fine room you stayed in. So glad you got some beach time!

Anonymous said...

First, I'm happy the weather was better this year. Remember how COLD it was last year??? brrrrr
The room looks familiar!!!

How your drawing has advanced in such a short time! Each picture you shared (brave girl) shows such progress. I'm truly impressed. LOVE them all, but the last photo is just divine. Can't wait to see it finished....
What a dear photo of you and Misty. You look like you two bonded nicely.
Welcome home, my friend. Miss not being with you but your post made me feel like I was!

Unknown said...

TERRI! SOOO close! I wish I had known. I was not able to take classes this year but I came to vendor night on Saturday. I live like 30 min. from there! Next year you have to let me know if you are coming! We have a nice big group of locals who participate every year! Everyone who took Misty's classes said she was so wonderful and she went above and beyond expectations as a teacher! Glad you had a good time! Sorry we missed each other! Next Year!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Wonderful Terri. Aren't down to Earth people the very best? I do not care for grey areas in life myself.

suziqu's thread works said...

Well Terri what a beautiful photo of you with Misty! And what is amazing is how wonderful your drawing and painting is already.
You are indeed very brave to share your progress with us sweet friend.
It is encouraging for all of us.
You are so gifted in so many mediums - keep it going girl!
It is just practice and more practice!
Sending hugs,

Victoria said...

Wow..sounds like such a magical time away..tea..art..creative playtime..sounds perfect to me! Your art is stunning Terri..such soulful faces..incredible work..I can sense your lovely spirit shining through them all..magical..shine on! Fantastic work! and yay..She sounds really wonderful too! Love all those shells..enjoy!
Congrats on all that you are doing..I know your classess must be incredible too!
Hugs and blessings friend!

Lynn Stevens said...

Terri What a wonderful time you must have had at Art & Soul. To be able to learn from Misty had to be quite an experience.
Your painting look great already.
Hugs Lynn

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

Terri how wonderful!!!
love the paintings and the shells..

Schotzy said...

We have even more in common... When I retired, I studied oil painting from a great master, Dorothy Booth, who has since passed on to glory.... Im not that great but what a solace it is to me to paint ....alas, my life is so cluttered right now that I dont dare get it all out of storage,,, but I will always remember Dorothy's words "put color, light and dark where you see it in nature.... paint what you see, not waht you know is there....." I love that you take your china and tea with you on retreat... what a lovely idea!

Dorthe said...

Dear Terri, such beautiful photoes,- and what an experiment having been to Misty Mawns workshop! The photo of the two of you, are so sweet-and the paintings you did are so beautiful- I love your faces- they are ,as they should be your`s , and very wonderful!!!- and yes the shells are amazing nature pieces!
Thankyou for showing your art, my dear!
Huhs from Dorthe

Linda Vincent said...

Wow....you're a lucky girl! I would love to have done that class. Your work is beautiful; you must be very pleased. As for those shells.......gorgeous, my fav ornaments :-) xx

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