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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Surprise Gift of the Earth

Hello All! 
Happy Weekend : )

Yesterday I walked in to Goodwill to find this basket sitting on the counter.
(It is about 16 x 20" wide inside)

Oh my, but this is nice.....
: )

A whole basket full of shells.
Not the store bought kind, 
but the kind you pick up at the ocean year after year.

I think it was someones loved collection.

I was lucky it was already sitting near the front of the store.
I happily paid and carried out my very heavy find. 


This beauty was sitting right on top!
She is about 6" wide and almost looks like angel wings!

(this dark blue/gray shell looks very old...it has an amazing patina I hoped to catch in this image...but failed, it is so amazing in "person")

The basket was truly a delight to unpack.
Each shell I pulled out, 
Each rock I picked out,
All the tiny little quartz like pebbles....
They were just such a treat to see.

There were very interesting shells I had never seen.
And many shells I recognized.

What do you think of this one above?
He is a handsome one...
I have never seen a shell with this softened form.
Did he grow like this or was he buffed by the ocean?

Beautiful bumps and swirls.

This is his "head", I think.
Very swirly pearly!

Utterly delicate beauty!

There were many of these  small stones...
smooth, frosty round stones...
and tiny little quartz like stones...

While stacking these stones I couldn't help but think...
Of the need for balance in my life.
One thing that really helps me feel balanced is appreciation of beauty.
Beauty in everyday moments,
and Nature all around.

Finding this unexpected display of Nature's beauty
I was gifted many moments of delight
and balance.

Thank you to whom ever appreciated these shells, corals, and stones before me.
I couldn't help but wonder who...
and why this shell, and that shell, and who's name is written on that one shell...

I am thankful for this surprise gift from the Earth. 

Have any  of you had happy surprises lately? 

 I am joining Victoria in Universal Offerings.

 Thank  you for hosting Victoria.



Elaine said...

What an amazing find for you. I think the universe planned it that way! I think it is lovely that this is someone's personal collection, not all the most showy specimins, but each thing that meant something to someone and will mean more to you because of that. Have a lovely weekend. Elaine x

johala said...

Helo Terri
It's a pretty gift from earth, not really expensive! I love shells too, and like you, I can't resist each time I see some!
Hugs and kisses

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful finds!!!

Bernideen said...

Lovely seashells. I am originally from Virginia - the lower peninsula where seashells are a common decorating motif but we don't have that in Colorado. I love the chair you painted. I have loved Cece Caldwell's paint which is made in America and "green".

Linda Kunsman said...

what a beautiful treasured collection you have found Terri. I love shells and am always looking out for them too. You do have some unusual ones I don't recognize - so pretty!

Karen Brake said...

So naturally beautiful.

Karen Brake said...

So naturally beautiful.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I love the way you write, and THINK.

It's a real blessing to visit your blog, Terri. Not only for gorgeous tea cups (which got us together in the first place,) but because of your spirituality and serene calm.....I think you are one terrific artist and gal, and thought I would let you know that.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a fabulous surprise. And the wonderful price - sometimes I am shocked at the high prices at thrift stores - and then again I'm surprised at the low ones. Great photos.

Marjanne said...

this s just a littl miracle, all those tresors nature made for us, for you to find it and to admire it, the simpleness, the colours, the history... lovely!

Lucille said...

Each of them is like a little miracle of God. So well made and so beautiful. It was all there, Terry, just waiting for you!

Zaa said...

Gifts from the sea ... I love the variety of textures that enhance these beautiful shells.What lovely stories they have to tell you .I can hardly wait to see what you do with them Terri... Thanks for sharing ..Hugs

Jann said...

What a lovely find! I love shells and have collected many over the years--if only they could talk to us and tell us their history!

Frieda Oxenham said...

What a wonderful moment. I think it was meant to be. You were without a doubt the person who would appreciate it most. And what a beautiful job you've done with the photographing. I could feel that texture with my eyes.

Dorthe said...

Hello my dear Terri,
That was surely a wonderful delight to find such a huge amount of beauty from the sea!
They are amazing- the ones you are showing here, I have never seen,and also not those beautiful frosted stones, so smoothend and rounded from the strong sea. I am so happy for you,they were suddenly there in front of you to grap, and bring home- they are extraordinaire and WOW !! -so big!!! You know we don`t ever see such big shells here, so you writing the size of them made me open mu mouth with a :wow!!
They are so exeptional and little wonders of nature -
Thankyou sweets, you will here from me soon!!
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Createology said...

What a wonderful acquisition. From someone who loved them to another who loves them still. Each beautiful and unique. Balance and Beauty. Blissful Dear...

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Oh Terri, lucky you! What a glorious find!
enJOY your Earth treasures,

Debbie said...

What a lovely find! lucky you.

Victoria said...

So very beautiful and inspiring Terri!Such gorgeous gifts from nature, we are totally kindreds..I feel the same way about life..nature is full of special treasures! They are all so unique and magical..wonderful shells and stones..powerful..enjoy! And as always..your photos are superb..such detail..very touchable..gorgeous..yes i love that dark one too! I so enjoyed visiting your magical space!
And many Thanks for sharing your post.. Yay!.. I am so touched and happy! Blessings and Massive sparkles to you!
Hugs, many warm thanks and appreciation for shining your beauty and light!! Happy June!!

Unknown said...

They remind me of a lot of the shells my grandmother used to bring back from their winters spent in the Florida Keys, she had lots of those things that look like Angel wings. That white shell is gorg! Great find!

Claudia said...

These are so beautiful, Terri. I love sea shells and it looks like you found some beauties!


Lady Jane said...

I too am a lover of shells. What a great find Terri.

karen hess jewelry said...

Oh my, sweet lady...you hit the jackpot! Don't you just love these treasure bargains that seem to fall out of the sky? I, too, love shells and collect them wherever we beach. I guess it's in my blood, coming from Long Island. You have some real treasures in that basket, dear Terri, and I know your creations will be so worthy of them.

K J D said...

Such a special find :)

Karen x

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